Which Files In My Workspace Are Persistent?

When you first start your workspace, there should be at least three folders already in the file browser: che, maap-users, and <username>.

  • che contains config files for your ADE. You don’t need to worry about it.
  • maap-users is an s3-backed folder shared among all members of the maap-users organization (every registered MAAP user). If you are in other MAAP organizations, each organization will have its own shared s3-backed folder.
  • Finally, <username> is also s3-backed, but only shown to you. However, when you share your workspace with another user, both users’ personal folders will be mounted and accessible from the shared workspace. Anything placed within a s3-backed folder will be added to s3 and be persistent. Anything outside those folders will be ephemeral. Please clone your git repositories (e.g., dps_plot) outside the s3-backed folders, as they should already be version controlled elsewhere.