How Do I Register An Algorithm To MAS?

Before starting, make sure your algorithm can run in your environment and all changes have been committed/pushed to GitLab or your external repository.

When you are ready, in the file browser, right click the file which you wish to register as an algorithm and select Register as MAS Algorithm.

register as mas algorithm

If your changes have not been committed, there will be a popup asking you to commit your changes first. The fields will be summarized for you in a form.

register algorithm

These are saved in the automatically generated file algorithm_config.yaml, in the same directory as the script to be run. Don’t register the algorithm if any fields are missing or incorrect.

Click cancel and open the file algorithm_config.yaml to edit those fields.

algorithm config

When everything is correct, save your config changes and right-click the file again to register your algorithm.


There will only be one algorithm_config.yaml file for any directory. If you have multiple scripts to be registered as algorithms, consider separating them into different folders.The outputs should be written to a folder named outputs.