Deprecated Collections in MAAPΒΆ

Last updated: 2022-02-08

As of January 19, 2022, the following CMR collection versions have been deprecated and are no longer available in the MAAP CMR:

Collection Name Version Concept ID
GPM IMERG v5 C1200015188-NASA_MAAP
ATL08 v002 C1200116818-NASA_MAAP
ATL08 v003 C1200235747-NASA_MAAP
ATL03 v002 C1200166513-NASA_MAAP
GEDI L2B v001 C1200231030-NASA_MAAP

Newer versions of each of these collections are listed as follows:

Collection Name Newest Available Version Concept ID
ATL08 v004 C1201309827-NASA_MAAP
ATL03 v004 C1201300747-NASA_MAAP
GEDI L2B v002 C1201460047-NASA_MAAP