Create Workspace

Navigate to the side panel tab Workspaces and click Add Workspace. On the Get Started tab, you can select a stack to get started quickly. If you would like a more customized approach, on the Custom Workspace tab you can name your workspace, select the storage type, and select a devfile template from available stacks or upload your own devfile. Here, you can edit the devfile under containers/jupyter/resources/limits/memory to alter the memory limit for your workspace.

create workspace

If you want to edit the devfile or your workspace’s memory limit after its creation, just click on the Workspaces side panel tab, then the workspace, then the Devfile tab at the top of the page.

DISCLAIMER: MAAP might change the way that we do workspace memory limits in the future, including restricting the memory that a user can allocate for their workspace. For now, as a courtesy to other users only increase the memory limit if your kernel keeps running out of memory and crashing. If you’re not sure why your kernel is crashing after increasing your workspace’s memory limit, please contact the development team. We recommend using a memory limit of 16GB (which means altering the devfile to memory: 15258Mi).